Liftr Ski App



To navigate the app, the user presses and holds the red icon until the other icons appear. The user then slides his/her fingers onto the desired icon and releases. 


During the onboarding process, the user selects his/her experience level and their resort of choice. The app is targeted at season pass holders that frequent one resort during the year, though it can be used by casual skiiers.


Mostly designed for people new to a ski resort, the map feature is essentially Google Maps for skiing. Taking into account the user’s skill level, the app generates different routes to get from A to B for the user. 


The statistic feature follows the user’s progress throughout a run, the day, and the season. It also keeps track of other user’s data which can be shared between friends so the user can see how they compare to their fellow skiiers.

Profile, Weather, Friends

Apple Watch

Liftr is compatable with Apple Watch which allows for easier navigation while skiing, and makes it so the user can interact with the app without having to take their phone out of their pocket while on the ski lift.