New York Film Festival   


Logo & Brand Overview

The New York Film Festival is a two week long festival hosted by the Film Society at Lincoln Center. The festival has been running since 1963 and has a long history of showing films from a wide range of genres and filmmakers.

When designing the new branding for the film festival, I focused on how to make the branding feel as “New York” as possible, meaning it had to be bold and loud. With this in mind, I took inspiration from the grid layout of the city for the logo. The elongated F represents the long and thin blocks that make up the city. The size of the F is based on the 16:9 dimension of the Widescreen film format.

John Chiara Photography

Every year, the NYFF chooses an artist or photographer to feature on their poster. I liked this tradition and decided to continue it into the new branding. The featured artist that I chose for the 55th New York Film Festival is the San Francisco-based photographer John Chiara. Chiara uses an oversized camera obscura to create his other worldly photos. He photographs directly onto colored film, which creates the effect of negative color photographs. He manipulates sunlight light and exposure with his hands so every photograph is unique and cannot be reproduced.

I chose Chiara to be the face of this year's festival because of his original depiction of New York. New York City is one of the most photographed cities on earth, so it's difficult to find photography that is unique and original. With his  fanatical painstaking techniques and unique compositions, Chiara is able to capture the city like I haven't seen before, with new energy and mystery.

Advertising: New Yorker’s Film Festival

The New York Film Festival is less focused on being a destination festival where films premier and more about being a place for New Yorkers to enjoy new and old films from a wide range of genres and artists. With this in mind, the campaign focuses on the fact that the festival features films that are about things New Yorkers are interested in. The film festival is for New Yorkers, it's their festival.

Lincoln Center Signage

During NYFF, not all buildings in Lincoln Center Plaza are used, so it was important to find a way for viewers to easily find the building where their film is being shown. Using scale and color, I designed banners that would be hung at the different venues. John Chiara's photography would be recognized from the website, app, advertising, and posters around Lincoln Center, so using it in the way-finding system was a clear choice. Banners would be made of mesh to account for their size and placement between columns where it is often windy.

Color & Film Categories

Color is reserved for the different film categories and seen on the tickets, way-finding, and on the website. The bright and distinct colors are used to help viewers to quickly find their ticket or theater based on the category the film is in. On the tickets, the photos are stills from the films, divided and stacked to allude to film reel imagery.